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Lamorinda Passing League


Lamorinda Passing League


5 on 5 Flag Football


2010 Inaugural Teams


The rosters for the 2019 teams are posted on the left. Coaches will be reaching out to the players. Most information is posted on the website. Game schedules will be available once they are completed.


All games are played at Acalanes High School on Sunday mornings (8:30 am to noon) in January and February. Game times are 9 am for 5-6th grade division and 10:30 am for 7-8th. The first games will start on January 6, 2019.


LPL has 8 player rosters with 5 playing at a time. The teams are coached by high school players with a parent administrator. The games are competitive but records are not kept and playoffs are not held. 




Coaches Robby Rowell and Brian Merken watch as their Oklahoma Sooners march down the field.



Coach Mikey Vicencio addresses his players, Ryan Regan, Will Cassriel, Will Rembac, Matty Vicencio and Trevor Plummer

during the 2013 season.


The goal of Lamorinda Passing League is to provide a fun environment for youth players to learn more about football and prepare them for high school programs.  The emphasis is on instruction and less about winning games.  Team practices are not allowed (other than warm-ups before games). The league holds clinics run by knowledgeable instructors many of which have played and/or coached college football or professional football.


Rules Outline:

5 on 5 Flag Football

Field Size 28 yards by 50 yards with 10 yard end zones

All Passing plays with no rushing using 4 second passing time clock

No Blocking – All players eligible to catch passes

25 minute running halves

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